In this study, the results of 76 revision stapes surgeries performed from 1974 to 1992 were reviewed. Either the KTP or the argon laser was used in 40 operations. Prosthesis problems were the most common cause for revision (63%) followed by eroded/ necrotic incus (29%) and adhesions (29%). Overall “success” in air-bone gap closure (air-bone gap ≤ 10 dB) was 46% for first revisions and 33% for second or greater revisions. The “improvement” rate (air-bone gap ≤ 20 dB) was 65% for first revisions and 53% for second or greater revisions. There was no statistically significant difference in hearing results between laser surgery and conventional technique. However, an absence of adhesions was noted when the laser had been used in the primary procedure.