Accurate assessment of patient outcome after sinus surgery requires the collection of valid and reliable data. Symptom-based surveys were administered in a prospective manner to 104 patients with chronic sinusitis, Test-retest reliability for the Chronic Sinusitis Survey based on duration of symptoms (0.86, P<.0001) was superior to that for a similar survey based on severity of symptoms (0.57, P<.0001). Results of the Chronic Sinusitis Survey also correlated significantly with subscales of a general health assessment in the extent to which chronic sinusitis limits physical activity (0.40, P<.01), interferes with work or other activities (0.36, P<.01), and affects patient perception of bodily pain (0.46, P<.001). The Chronic Sinusitis Survey is an efficient and reliable method to follow health status and health-related quality of life outcomes in patients with chronic sinusitis.