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Leishmaniosis: changing times for the travelling dog


  • Ian Wright BVMS Bsc Msc MRCVS

    1. Veterinary Surgeon at Withy Grove Veterinary Surgery, Co-owner of the Mount Veterinary Practice, independent Parasitologist and member of ESCCAP UK.
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Leishmania remains a significant risk to dogs travelling abroad on The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). The difficulty in treating canine patients with Leishmaniosis combined with its zoonotic potential and lack of chemical prophylaxis is of particular concern as public awareness of the parasite remains low. It is important that veterinary surgeons and nurses provide up-to-date, accurate advice on protecting dogs against this parasite as well as recognising and treating cases. This article reviews the life cycle and epidemiology of the parasite as well as the available diagnostic tests, treatments and preventative measures.

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