The emergency spine: part 3 – potential pitfalls of the emergency spine


  • Mark Lowrie MA VetMB, MVM, DipECVN, MRCVS

    1. RCVS European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology Davies Veterinary Specialists, Manor Farm Business Park, Higham Gobion, Hertfordshire, SG5 3HR
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Many veterinary practitioners consider neurology to be one of the hardest disciplines. This apprehension is heightened when faced with an uncooperative patient, resulting in the clinician neglecting the neurological examination in favour of making assumptions based on the most likely cause for the symptoms with no regard as to which aspect of the nervous system is affected or even if a neurological problem is present. A short neurological examination is essential in all cases. This article highlights the ten most common mistakes made when assessing the emergency spine. In learning where errors are made, it is helpful to ensure these mistakes are not made and giving the patient the best management and care.