Book reviewed in this article:

An A to Z practical guide to emotional and behavioural difficulties: By Harry Ayers & Cesia Prytys

Developing inclusive practice — A practical guide: By Rita Cheminais

Investigating troublesome classroom behaviour — Practical tools for teachers: By Loraine Corrie

Supporting children with behaviour difficulties — A guide for assistants in schools: By Glenys Fox

Challenging behaviours in mainstream schools — Practical strategies for effective intervention and reintegration: By Jane MacSherry

Incorporating social goals in the classroom — A guide for teachers and parents of children with high functioning autism and Asperger syndrome: By Rebecca Moyes

Remaking the concept of aptitude — Extending the legacy of Richard E. Snow: By L. Corno, L.J. Cronbach, H. Kupermintz, D.F. Lohman, E.B Mandinach, A.W. Porteus & J.E. Talbert

Gifted children grown up: By Joan Freeman

Understanding children's experiences of parental bereavement: By J. Holland

Literary practices as social acts: Power, status and cultural norms in the classroom: By Cynthia Lewis

Language and image in the reading-writing classroom: Teaching vision: Edited by Kristie Fleckenstein, Linda Calendrillo & Demetrice Worley

Phonics exposed: Understanding and resisting systematic direct intense phonics instruction: By Richard Meyer