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Relationships between the personality beliefs questionnaire and self-rated personality disorders


Correspondence should be addressed to Dr Steven H. Jones, School of Psychological Sciences, Division of Clinical Psychology, University of Manchester, 2nd Floor Zochonis Building, Burnswick Street, Manchester M13 9PL, UK (e-mail:


Objectives To examine relationships between specific dysfunctional beliefs and self-reported personality disorder types.

Design Cross-sectional.

Method One hundred and sixty-four clinical psychology out-patients completed the Personality Beliefs Questionnaire (PBQ) and Millon Multiaxial Clinical Inventory-III (MCMI-III): 155 completed both. Avoidant, dependent, passive-aggressive and schizoid PDs, and relevant PBQ subscales were studied.

Results Presence or absence of PD was predicted by scores on the index PBQ subscale.

Conclusions This pattern has previously been reported for PDs diagnosed by structured interview only. PBQ relationships with passive-aggressive and schizoid PD have not previously been reported.