This study builds on the work of Wanous, Reichers, and Hudy (1997) by investigating the use of a single-item approach measuring facet satisfaction. Participants consisted of 207 employees from a variety of organizations who completed a job satisfaction survey containing the Job Descriptive Index (JDI) as well as a single-item which also measured each of five JDI facets. Results indicated that the single-item facet measure was significantly correlated with each of the JDI facets (correlations ranged from .60 to .72). Results also indicated that the single-item approach compared favourably to the JDI and in some cases accounted for incremental variance in self-reported job performance and intentions to turnover. Implications include the notions that single-item measures may be easier and take less time to complete, may be less expensive, may contain more face validity, and may be more flexible than multiple-item scales measuring facet satisfaction.