The team-level model of climate for innovation: A two-level confirmatory factor analysis


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The level structure of West's (1990) four-factor model of team climate for innovation was assessed by means of multi-level confirmatory factor analysis (MCFA). The sample consisted of 1,487 individuals (195 teams) from a wide range of professions. Results showed that a considerable portion of the variance in the data was explained on the team level with intra-class correlations ranging from .30 to .39. Furthermore, the results demonstrated that the overall measurement model fitted the data well at both the team and individual levels, while the factor loadings were slightly different across the levels with item loadings showing partial invariance. Results from confirmatory factor analyses conducted on separate levels, however, showed that the four-factor model displayed the best fit to the data for both individual and team levels. A second-order one-factor model also fitted the data well on both levels. The results indicate that the team climate for innovation model can be used as a team-level consensus model of team climate for innovation.