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Predicting integrity with the HEXACO personality model: Use of self- and observer reports


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Recent research has suggested that a six-dimensional model of personality called the HEXACO framework may have particular value in organizational settings because of its ability to predict integrity-related outcomes. In this series of studies, the potential value of the HEXACO factor known as Honesty-Humility was further examined. First, the empirical distinctness of this construct from the other major dimensions of personality was demonstrated in a high-stakes personnel selection situation. Second, Honesty-Humility was found to predict scores on an integrity test and a business ethical decision-making task beyond the level of prediction that was possible using measures based on a traditional Big Five model of personality. This finding was also observed when Honesty-Humility was assessed by familiar acquaintances of the target persons. The applicability of the HEXACO model within industrial and organizational psychology was then discussed.