• hyperparathyroidism;
  • chondrosarcoma


We describe two female patients, 66 and 36 years of age, with both primary hyperparathyroidism and chondrosarcoma. Case 1 had a chondrosarcoma of the right scapula, and case 2 had chondrosarcoma of the left proximal tibia. Both patients underwent surgical resection of their chondrosarcoma and subsequent parathyroid surgery. Histological analysis of the excised parathyroid in case 1 showed a parathyroid carcinoma and in case 2 showed a parathyroid adenoma. Including these two patients, there is now a total of six cases that have been reported in the literature describing the association between hyperparathyroidism and bone malignancy. We believe that this small number makes it unlikely that there is an association between these two conditions, although we speculate that there may be an underlying genetic basis.