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The Association between Life Events and Suicide Intent in Self-Poisoners with and without a History of Deliberate Self-Harm: A Preliminary Study


  • The authors wish to thank the many patients and research colleagues who participated in this research. This research was supported in part by the Wellcome Trust GR067797.

Department of Psychiatry, Warneford Hospital, Warneford Lane, Oxford, OX3 7JX, UK. E-mail:


The associations between life events in the 12 months preceding an episode of self-poisoning resulting in hospital attendance (the index episode), and the suicide intent of this episode were compared in individuals for whom the index episode was their first, episode and in individuals in whom it was a recurrence of DSH. Results indicated a significant interaction between independent life events, repetition status, and gender in the prediction of suicide intent, the association between life events and intent being moderated by repetition status in women only. The results provide preliminary evidence to suggest the presence of a suicidal process in women, in which the impact of negative life events on suicide intent diminishes across episodes.