On the Interpretation of Archeological Evidence in Historical and Sociological Terms1


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    This paper is a by-product of a long study on problems of Irish archeology and Celtic philology, which is being published serially in the Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie. Its appearance here and its present form owe much to the encouragement of Prof. G. R. Willey, who kindly read it in draft and in final typescript. In addition to the intellectual debt acknowledged in the text and in the bibliography, my views have profited from the skepticism of two of my teachers in archeology, Dr. Joseph Raftery (National Museum, Dublin) and Prof. Julio Martinez Santa- Olalla (Madrid), and from discussion with linguistic colleagues, Prof. G. Murphy (University College, Dublin), Prof. J. Pokorny (Zürich), and Prof. David Greene (Institute for Advanced Studies, Dublin). I wish also to express my thanks to Rev. Fr. F. Bornemann, S.V.D., Director of the Anthropos Institut, Posieux, Fribourg, Switzerland, for indispensable library facilities.