Fluctuation of Forms in Navaho Kinship Terminology1


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    David Aberle, John Adair, Fred Eggan, and Floyd G. Lounsbury have made valuable private contributions to my efforts. They are not responsible, however, for my views. Others who have offered advice or assistance, and to whom I am especially grateful, are Vera Rubin, John B. Carroll, Joseph B. Casagrande, Susan M. Ervin, Arnold E. Horowitz, Robert W. Young, Kurt W. Deuschle, M.D., and Walsh McDermott, M.D.

    Data were collected at Fort Defiance, Arizona, and Shiprock, New Mexico, in 1955-56, during work of the Southwest Project in Comparative Psycholinguistics, of the Social Science Research Council; at and around Many Farms, Arizona, in 1959-60, under a research training fellowship of the Social Science Research Council; and finally at Window Rock, Arizona, in 1961, through a grant of the Research Institute for the Study of Man, administered by the Department of Public Health, Cornell University Medical College, in connection with the Cornell-Navaho Field Health Research Project.