Pregnancy Cravings (Dola-Duka) in Relation to Social Structure and Personality in a Sinhalese Village1


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    (a) My thanks are due to the Asia Foundation in Ceylon for a generous grant given to carry out field work in Laggala in 1959–60. Thanks are due also to my students in the Department of Sociology, University of Ceylon, P. A. S. Saram, Sarath Amunugama, J. C. de S. Jayaingha, M. Cooray, who assisted me in my field work; and Miss Sumana Saparamadu of the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon, whose ability to make friends with Laggala women resulted in valuable information; and the women of Laggala who patiently suffered meticulous inquiry into their private lives, to my guru, Melford E. Spiro, for the intellectual stimulation to undertake this kind of analysis, and the use of two important concepts, “culturally constituted defense,” and “male envy.” Charles Valentine kindly read an originally overlong paper and suggested emendations. For any theoretical loopholes in the essay and matter of style and presentation I am entirely responsible.