Book Reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

LINGUISTICS: The Aboriginal Languages of the South- West of Australia: Speech Forms in Current Use and a Technical Description of Njuyar. Wilfred H. Douglas. Australian Aboriginal Studies 14; Linguistic Series 4.

LINGUISTICS: A Preliminary Analysis of Gogo-Yimidjir: A Study of the Structure of the Primary Dialect of the Aboriginal Language Spoken at the Hopevale Mission in North Queensland. Jan Daniel de Zwaan. Australian Aboriginal Studies 16; Linguistic Series 5.

LINGUISTICS: The Languages of Victoria: A Late Survey. Part I and Part II. Luise A. Hercus. Australian Aboriginal Studies 17; Linguistic Series 6.

LINGUISTICS: Pitjantjatjara Texts. Amee Glass and Dorothy Hackett. Australian Aboriginal Studies 19.

LINGUISTICS: The Kalkatungu Language: A Brief Description. Barry J. Blake. Australian Aboriginal Studies 20; Linguistic Series 8.

LINGUISTICS: Papers in Australian Linguistics No. 1. D. and K. Glasgow, Jean F. Kirton, W. J. Oates, and B. A. and E. G. Sommer.