Retraction of: The EMBO Journal (2007) 26: 4841–4855. DOI 10.1038/sj.emboj.7601899 | Published online 25 October 2007

The above article from The EMBO Journal, published online on 25 October 2007, has been retracted by agreement between the authors, the journal Chief Editor and Head of Scientific Publications, EMBO, Bernd Pulverer. The authors' statement follows below.

We have recently become aware that there are a number of issues with figures included in our 2007 research article entitled ‘A cell cycle regulatory network controlling NF-κB subunit activity and function’ (Barré B, Perkins ND. EMBO J (2007) 26: 4841–4855). Specifically, in figures 3B, 4C, 5C, 6B, 7C, 7D and supplementary figure 5B, there are a number of duplicated, partially duplicated or inappropriately manipulated images of gels. In all these cases, Benjamin Barré performed the experiments and assembled the data into the figures. We have been unable to locate the original data associated with these figures, and it has not been possible to verify the veracity of these experiments. Consequently, in our opinion, the integrity of the manuscript has been compromised, and we wish to retract the paper. Both authors agree with this statement and deeply regret that these misleading data were published.