C to U RNA editing mediated by APOBEC1 requires RNA-binding protein RBM47



Cytidine (C) to Uridine (U) RNA editing is a post-transcriptional modification that is accomplished by the deaminase APOBEC1 and its partnership with the RNA-binding protein A1CF. We identify and characterise here a novel RNA-binding protein, RBM47, that interacts with APOBEC1 and A1CF and is expressed in tissues where C to U RNA editing occurs. RBM47 can substitute for A1CF and is necessary and sufficient for APOBEC1-mediated editing in vitro. Editing is further impaired in Rbm47-deficient mutant mice. These findings suggest that RBM47 and APOBEC1 constitute the basic machinery for C to U RNA editing.



The RNA-binding protein RBM47 is required for normal Cytidine to Uridine RNA editing in mice and is sufficient for the C to U editing activity of APOBEC1, indicating that the composition of the editosome holoenzyme needs to be revised.

  • RBM47 is found in the epithelial cells of the intestine and interacts with APOBEC1 and A1CF.
  • RBM47 can replace A1CF and is sufficient with APOBEC1 for C to U RNA editing.
  • C to U editing of Apob and other RNA is impaired in Rbm47-deficient mice.