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Bioluminescence Color Modulation of Vibrio fischeri Strain Y1 Coupled with Alterable Levels of Endogenous Yellow Fluorescent Protein and Its Fluorescence Imaging



Bioluminescence (BL) (λmax∼ 535 nm) of Vibrio fischen' strain Y1 has been previously characterized in terms of the fluctuation in intracellular levels of yellow fluorescent protein (YFP). In this study fluorescence microscopic analysis has revealed that yellow fluorescence, as well as blue fluorescence attributable to a luciferase intermediate, is localized to the periphery of V. fischeri Y1 cells. This finding indicates that both YFP and the luciferase are present in the vicinity of the cell membrane. By using cyanide to enhance yellow BL, it has been shown that BL modulation is coupled with the fluctuations in the intracellular levels of YFP and the primary emitter. On the basis of the BL characterization, combined with results of a sedimentation experiment, it has been shown that larger cells produce a relatively stronger yellow BL. Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of cell-protein extracts has shown that the YFP level is more alterable than the luciferase level. It is postulated that the yellow BL modulation takes place in connection with cell growth.