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Photoinduced Electron Transfer in a Hexaphenylbenzene-based Self-assembled Porphyrin-fullerene Triad


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A hexaphenylbenzene-based zinc porphyrin dyad forms a 1:1 complex with a fullerene bearing two pyridyl groups via coordination of the pyridyl nitrogens with the zinc atoms. The fullerene is symmetrically located between the two zinc porphyrins. The binding constant for the complex is 7.3 × 104 M−1 in 1,2-difluorobenzene. Photoinduced electron transfer from a porphyrin first excited singlet state to the fullerene occurs with a time constant of 3 ps, and the resulting charge-separated state has a lifetime of 230 ps. This self-assembled construct should form a basis for the construction of more elaborate model photosynthetic antenna-reaction center systems.