The Subfertility Handbook: A Clinician's Guide, 2nd edition edited by Gab Kovacs


The Subfertility Handbook: A Clinician's Guide , 2nd edition Editor Gab Kovacs Cambridge University Press , 2010 ISBN: 9780521147842 Paperback , 248 pages, £35 10.1576/toag.

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This concise, 19-chapter book is well presented and provides an excellent overview of modern fertility care. An introductory chapter provides a logical, stepwise approach to the management of the subfertile couple. However, despite initial mention of the fact that the word infertility is no longer applicable, and that the preferred term is subfertility, several subsequent chapters in the book repeatedly refer to infertility.

Written by noted experts in the field of reproductive medicine, a wide range of topics is covered, from investigation of both female and male partners, including the use of ultrasound, through to treatment options and, finally, the ethical issues surrounding donor insemination and the use of donor eggs and embryos. It is good to see a chapter dedicated to in vitro maturation, a relatively new technology, which holds promise as an alternative to conventional in vitro fertilisation for selected couples. The layout of the chapters is good, with appropriate and up-to-date references, and most chapters conclude with a useful summary.

This book is very easy and enjoyable to read, and should appeal to specialist clinicians and subspecialty trainees in gynaecology and reproductive medicine, as well as specialist nurse practitioners and embryologists.