Using Sentence Frames to Develop Academic Vocabulary for English Learners





Often, English-language development (ELD) is taught during a dedicated time of the school day. There is often a mismatch between the content of ELD and the lessons taught during core instruction provided during the remainder of the day. During core instruction, teachers use specially designed academic instruction in English strategies to ensure comprehensible input, but struggle to find ways to incorporate ELD. Content-based ELD links language learning and academic vocabulary directly to core instruction, and includes four steps: (1) preview the text to determine the core concept, (2) match the concept to the appropriate language function, (3) select and teach academic vocabulary, and (4) develop sentence frames for oral-language practice that incorporates the language function with the academic vocabulary. Content-based ELD provides English learners with the language, vocabulary, and structured language practice necessary to think, talk, and write about the concepts that they are expected to comprehend. This article demonstrates how to develop content-based ELD for social studies.