Whither Stem Cells?


  • Professor Curt I. Civin M.D.

    Editor-in-Chief, Stem Cells
    1. Oncology and Pediatrics, Co-Director, Division of Immunology and Hematopoiesis, Herman and Walter Samuelson Professor of Cancer Research, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland
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As the journal Stem Cells prepares for its 23rd year as an internationally peer-reviewed journal, we want to share important news with you about the way your Journal is transforming.

In 2001, we began a process of planned “transdifferentiation” or “de-differentiation” to broaden our scope beyond our traditional strengths in hematopoiesis to include stem cells of all cell lineages. The Journal's Editorial Board is continuously being expanded to include expertise in embryonic, skin, gastrointestinal, neural, mesenchymal, mammary, germ cell, and cancer stem cells. Our Board members take an active role in Stem Cells by serving as Lead Reviewers for all submitted manuscripts, and we are pleased to share these 2004 achievements:

  • The latest Impact Factor of 5.802 places StemCells in the top 5% of international, peer-reviewed cancer medicine journals. This major increase from last year's 4.034 Impact Factor speaks to the high-quality manuscripts submitted by our authors.

  • The number of manuscript submissions has quadrupled, and the rejection rate has increased to 50%.

  • In response to the increasing number of manuscripts that our peer-review process has judged to be of high quality, we have tripled the number of papers per issue, and we have added this seventh issue of StemCells.

  • StemCells has one of the world's most frequently read scientific Websites, averaging more than 50,000 reader-visits and more than 40,000 searches each week. Its powerful but cordial search engines help answer your questions.

  • The CiteTrack feature was added to alert authors by e-mail whenever new content in StemCells or a participating journal is published that matches criteria based on the topics, authors, and articles readers want to track.

  • All published figures on www.StemCells.com can easily be downloaded for teaching purposes as high-resolution PowerPoint slides.

In 2005—because of a sustained increase in superb, peer-accepted papers—we will increase the number of issues from 6 to 10, and we will institute the “Publish Ahead of Print” feature.

Our target is to help stem cell researchers make the rubber meet the road, by publication of their top-quality discoveries. Our vehicle is rigorous expert review of the best science in the field. Thus, we depend on you, the stem cell research community, first to conduct and submit superb research investigations and then to participate vigorously in peer review. We look forward to working on your team in 2005.