Improved Generation of Germline-Competent Embryonic Stem Cell Lines from Inbred Mouse Strains



Genetically altered mice may exhibit highly variable phenotypes due to the variation in genetic background, which can only be circumvented by generation of inbred, isogenic gene-targeted and control mice. Here we report that an embryonic stem (ES) cell culture medium conditioned by a rabbit fibroblast cell line transduced with genomic rabbit leukemia inhibitory factor allows efficient derivation and maintenance of ES cell lines from all of 10 inbred mouse strains tested, including some that were presumed to be nonpermissive for ES cell derivation (129/SvEv, 129/SvJ, C57BL/6N, C57BL/6JOla, CBA/CaOla, DBA/2N, DBA/1Ola, C3H/HeN, BALB/c, and FVB/N). Germline transmission was established by blastocyst injection of established ES cell lines after 10 or more passages from all of seven strains tested (129/SvJ, C57BL/6N, C57BL/6JOla, DBA/2N, DBA/1Ola, BALB/c, and FVB/N), by diploid aggregation of ES cell lines from all of four strains tested (129/SvEv, C57BL/6N, CBA/ CaOla, and FVB/N), or by tetraploid aggregation of ES cell lines from all of three strains tested (129/SvEv, C57BL/6N, and CBA/CaOla). Thus, these inbred ES cell lines may constitute useful tools to derive gene-targeted mice and isogenic controls in selected genetic backgrounds.