Summary of ASA 2005 Meeting


  • Ebtesam Sam Attaya,

  • Daniela Bomgardner

This year's annual ASA meeting was located in Seattle, Wash, an exciting and convenient location for the meeting, and was followed by a well-organized and interesting Testis workshop. The program was very well organized and, as always, provided the opportunity to meet with old friends and get to know new members of the society. Friends and colleagues were able to exchange scientific ideas but also got to enjoy the fresh seafood, wine, and beer of Seattle.

Every year the ASA meeting provides a perfect opportunity for students to present their work and receive feedback from other colleagues and trainees. This meeting also provides an opportunity for the Committee for Trainee Affairs to meet to discuss the events of the previous year and plan for the upcoming year. At this year's Committee meeting, many faces had changed, including the committee chair. On behalf of all members of the Committee, many thanks to Dr Rex Hess, the former chair, who did a great job with the Committee as well as created and donated the “Symphony of Stages” CD in memory of Lonnie Russell, PhD. The Committee members would also like to extend a warm welcome to Dr Mike Palladino, the new chair. We all know him to be very committed to any task he takes on and look forward to working with him.

This year, one of the proudest accomplishments for the Committee was its particularly creative and successful fund raising, which was actively supported by Debbie Roller and Ann-Marie DuPlessis of the ASA's business office. The Committee sold pink, white, and blue sperm pendants donated by Dr Barry Hinton and sperm lapel pins donated by Dr Donald Evans. All of us on the Committee are very thankful to both of these individuals for their generous assistance. In total, the Committee was able to collect almost $1000, which will be directly added to the Student Travel Funds for next year's meeting. Thanks once again to everyone who supported the students by buying one or more items and donating extra money to the Committee.

At the annual Trainee Mixer, students have the chance to meet with fellow students and to get in contact with senior researchers and clinicians. During this year's event, the NIH Trainee Travel Awards were presented by Dr Donna Vogel. These awards provide funding for several students to travel to the ASA meeting. Congratulations to all 2005 award winners.

The Women in Andrology luncheon provides yet another great opportunity for trainees to interact with researchers, clinicians, and fellow trainees. The meeting really encourages the women of the society (especially trainees) to form a sense of camaraderie with each other and to discuss topics that deal particularly with the women of the society. This year, there was a lot of discussion about how to increase trainee involvement with the Women in Andrology group. All female trainees are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting and can look forward to an article specifically highlighting the importance of women in andrology in an upcoming issue of the Journal.

For all andrology trainees who have not yet attended the ASA annual meeting, we hope this brief summary has convinced you that doing so is both a valuable educational experience and also a great opportunity for socialization and networking with other andrology trainees and professionals. To those trainees who did attend this year, your participation contributed to a fun and thought-provoking meeting, as always. We hope to see all of you there next year!