• asymptote;
  • core;
  • estimators;
  • home range;
  • kernel density;
  • methodology;
  • reporting;
  • software

Abstract No consensus currently exists for the methods of estimation of home range size or for reporting home-range analysis results. Studies currently employ a variety of disparate methods or provide inadequate information for reproducing their analyses. We reviewed 161 home range studies published in 2004, 2005, and 2006 to assess what methods are currently employed and how results are reported. We found that home range reporting was generally inadequate for reproducing studies; that the methods employed varied considerably; that home range estimates were often reported and analyzed using inappropriate methods; and that many comparisons were made between studies that may produce spurious results. We urge for minimum editorial standards for reporting home range studies and we urge researchers to follow a unified methodology for estimating animal home ranges. We supply recommendations for such reporting and methodology. These recommendations will increase the reproducibility of studies and allow for more robust comparisons between studies.