• HIV prevention/education;
  • Indian homeopathic practitioners


Based on eight focus group interviews with homeopathic practitioners in New Delhi and Pune, India, this study describes current HIV education/prevention practices of Indian homeopathic practitioners and qualitatively assesses the barriers and facilitators to integrating HIV prevention/education into homeopathic practice. We found that HIV/AIDS is in fact a subject of conversation and clinical evaluation in Indian homeopathic settings; yet practitioners are not well-equipped to address this need. Our findings highlight the critical importance of (1) increasing theoretical and practical HIV knowledge and educational resources among practitioners, (2) integrating the unique features of homeopathy into the allopathic foundations of HIV education/prevention efforts, (3) addressing societal factors such as widespread stigma, fear, and ignorance among both patients and practitioners, and (4) addressing the challenges of dealing with socially sensitive and taboo topics such as sexuality through focused communication training. Education for Indian homeopaths may contribute to better prevention of HIV in India.