Living-Unrelated Kidney Selling in Pakistan: Can Organ Transplantation Law and Social Action Create a New Model for Developing Countries?



Pakistan made its name as one of the leading kidney markets during the last 15 years because of the availability of willing organ donors. A major motivating factor is poverty, which induces the underprivileged to proffer their organs to the marketplace. Vendors (i.e., people selling their kidneys) hope that compensated kidney donation will lead to a better life that is debt-free and without despair. By engaging kidney brokers, private hospitals have commercialized the milieu and set aside misgivings about abusing the poor for profit. Contributing factors to this practice are analyzed in this article. The administration in Pakistan must assuage the predicament of the deprived, and in addition must strengthen and stringently enforce both the organ transplant law and compensated organ donations to curtail a recalcitrant and unethical kidney trade.