• horse;
  • standing laparoscopy;
  • urolithiasis;
  • urinary bladder rupture


Rupture of the urinary bladder, although relatively common in foals, is an infrequent occurrence in adult stallions. Standing laparoscopic repair of a ruptured urinary bladder offers significant advantages over other treatment options, and to date, there are no reports describing this technique in treating adult stallions. This case study details the treatment of a mature draught horse for uroperitoneum secondary to a ruptured urinary bladder. Standing laparoscopic repair of the ruptured bladder was performed. No major post operative complications developed, and the horse has not had any recurrence of problems with the urinary bladder. Successful standing laparoscopic repair in this horse demonstrated the method's viability, which offers superior intraoperative visualisation and access to the bladder, while eliminating the risks of general anaesthesia.