Computed tomography in the diagnosis of malignant sinonasal tumours in three horses


  • Presented in part at the European Veterinary Conference Voorjaarsdagen, April 2008, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

*Division of Diagnostic Imaging, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands


Malignant tumours are uncommon in horses, but when they do occur, they are most frequently found in the head. Clinical findings, such as facial swelling and nasal discharge, are frequently encountered but are nonspecific. To highlight the usefulness of a computed tomography (CT) examination in malignancy in the equine head, this Case Report describes the CT features of a leiomyosarcoma, an osteosarcoma and a sarcoma in 3 horses. CT of the equine head was able to provide more information about the extent and severity of lesions than conventional radiography in these cases.