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Opinion of the Scientific Panel on contaminants in the food chain [CONTAM] related to Aflatoxin B1 as undesirable substance in animal feed


  • European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

  • Panel members: Jan Alexander, Herman Autrup, Denis Bard, Christina Bergsten, Angelo Carere, Lucio Guido Costa; Jean-Pierre Cravedi, Alessandro Di Domenico, Roberto Fanelli, Johanna Fink-Gremmels, John Gilbert, Philippe Grandjean, Niklas Johansson, Agneta Oskarsson, Andrew Renwick, Jirí Ruprich, Josef Schlatter, Greet Schoeters, Dieter Schrenk, Rolaf van Leeuwen, Philippe Verger.
  • Acknowledgement: The Scientific Panel on Contaminants in the Food Chain wishes to thank the members of the Working Group on Mycotoxins in Animal Feeds: Sven Dänicke (De), Johanna Fink-Gremmels (NL), Hans van Egmond (NL), John Gilbert (UK) John-Christian Larsen (DK), Josef Leibetseder (AU), Monica Olsen (SV), Hans Pettersson (SV) and Ron Walker (UK) for the contributions to this draft opinion.
  • Adoption date: 3 February 2004
  • Published date: 19 March 2004
  • Question number: EFSA-Q-2003-035