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Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Animal Health and Welfare on a request from the Commission related to animal health and welfare in fattening pigs in relation to housing and husbandry


  • European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

  • Panel members: The Scientific Panel for Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW) of the European Food Safety Authorith adopted the current Scientific Opinion on 6 September 2007. The Members of the AHAW Scientific Panel were: Bo Algers, Harry J.Blokhuis, Donald M.Broom, Patrizia Costa, Mariano Domingo, Mathias Greiner, Daniel Guemene, Jörg hartung, Frank Koenen, Christine Muller-Graf, David B. Morton, Albert Osterhaus, Dirk U.Pfeiffer, Ron Roberts, Moez Sanaa, Mo Salman, J.Michael Sharp, Philippe Vannier, Martin Wierup, Marion Wooldridge.
  • Acknowledgement: The European Food Safety Authority and the AHAW Panel wishes to thank the members of the working group chaired by the panel member D.M. Broom: B.Algers, T.Nunes Pina and M. Sanaa (Risk Assessors), M.Bonde, S.Edwards, J.Hartung, I. de Jong, X. Manteca Vilanova, G.Martelli, G.P. Martineanu, for the preparation of the Scientific Report, which has been used as the basis of this Scientific Opinion. The scientific co-ordination for thi Scientific Report has been undertaken by the EFSA AHAW Panel Scientific Officers Elisa Aiassa and Oriol Ribó
  • Adoption date: 6 September 2007
  • Published date: 18 October 2007
  • Question number: EFSA-Q-2006-029