Outcome of Delivery Subsequent to Vacuum - Aspiration Abortion in Nulliparous Women


Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Akademiska sjukhuset, 750 14, Uppsala, Sweden


Abstract. Altogether 4719 women who had had a legally induced abortion in Uppsala County during 1970 — 75 were followed by means of computerized record linkage, and deliveries during 1970 — 78 after abortion were noted. Out of 1 364 deliveries traced, 670 were to primiparas who had had a previous vacuum-aspiration (VA) abortion. The outcome of the delivery for the 670 women was compared with that of matched controls, 622 primiparas and 626 secundiparas. Confounding variables were checked for by multiple regression analysis using the infant's birthweight and gestational duration as dependent variables. This analysis showed that the abortion did not have a statistically significant effect on the outcome. Low birth weight infants and preterm delivery did not occur more often after a previous VA abortion.