• Laparoscope;
  • fenestration;
  • non-neoplastic ovarian cysts

A laparoscopic method of managing macroscopically benign, unilateral, unilocular, mobile, translucent, and smooth-walled ovarian cysts in women of reproductive age is described. the method requires the cutting of a window in the cyst wall through the laparoscope fenestration. in preference to aspiration at laparoscopy or removal at laparotomy, this method has the advantage of ensuring histologic material as well as permanent drainage by the use of atraumatic surgical technique. Nineteen cysts were fenestrated laparoscopically. Four cysts could not be classified, two owing to lack of histologic material, two owing to malpreparation of the selected cyst tissue. in one case an epithelial cyst—a mucinous cystadenoma, being laparoscopically unsuspected—was fenestrated. One cyst recurred. by observing the above criteria it is possible and tolerably safe to select non-neoplastic cysts, for which fenestration should be reserved.