Thursday, June 17th, 2010, 12.00–15.00 in Bella Center, Copenhagen

The board of NFOG, auditors, members of the nomination committee, congress president for NFOG 2010 and the national delegates (5 for SFOG, 5 for DSOG, 4 for NGF, 5 for SGY and 1 for FIFK). The assembly is open to all members of NFOG.

Agenda of the General Assembly

  • 1Opening of the meeting by the President of NFOG Seija Grenman
  • 2Roll-call of delegates
  • 3Election of chairman and two minutes checkers for the meeting
  • 4Report of the NFOG Board for 2008–2009 by Secretary General Ragnheidur I. Bjarnadottir, who will also present reports 5.–8.
  • 5Report of the Scientific Committee
  • 6Report of the Educational Committee
  • 7Report of NFOG's website
  • 8Report of NFYOG
  • 9Report of Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica by Chief Editor Reynir T. Geirsson
  • 10Financial report by Treasurer Thea Lousen
  • 11Auditors' report
  • 12Confirmation of the budget and annual fee for the coming period of operation until the next Assembly of Delegates
  • 13Nomination Committee's proposal of persons to the positions of trust (appendix)
  • 14Election of the President of NFOG
  • 15Election of the Treasurer of NFOG
  • 16Election of the Auditors of NFOG (two internal, one external, one deputy)
  • 17Decision of the place of NFOG 2014, and its President
  • 18Amendments to NFOG Byelaws
  • 19Discussion of NFOG's future strategies
  • 20Any other business
  • 21Closing of the meeting

Reykjavik, March 1st, 2010

Ragnheidur I. Bjarnadottir

NFOG Secretary General