The U-elevator: A new manipulator for gynecologic laparoscopy


Senior Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist Møholmklinikken Brummersvej 1 7100, Vejle, Denmark


A new uterine elevator/manipulator for gynecologic laparoscopy is described. The instrument is a u-formed tube with a cone for insertion into the uterus via the vagina. In the other end is a handle with a canal for instillation of fluid (dye). After insertion the handle is placed at the pubic area and the operation can be performed with the patient placed at a normal position on her back. The elevator can be handled by the surgeon without moving his hands outside the sterile area. No assistant is necessary. The u-form of the instrument allows the uterus to be moved in all directions facilitating the laparoscopic view and operation. At a study of 97 laparoscopies no difficulties concerning the insertion and use were found. The instrument was easy to handle and pertubation was possible in most cases. The U-elevator is found to be a good alternative to the existing elevators.