Antibiotic prophylaxis in cesarean section


7 9011, Tromsø, Norway


Background. To investigate the guidelines for patient selection and drug regimens for application of antibiotic prophylaxis in relation to cesarean section in the maternity clinics in Denmark.

Methods. A questionnaire to all the Danish maternity clinics that perform cesarean section, concerning indications for application of antibiotic prophylaxis and antibiotic regimens to patients undergoing acute and elective cesarean section.

Results. All departments (n=48) returned the questionnaire. Twenty departments (46%) provided written guidelines for antibiotic prophylaxis. Four departments (8%) used antibiotic prophylaxis to elective cesarean sections, 25 departments (52%) applied antibiotics to all emergency sections. In the presence of the rupture of membranes or prolongation of labor (>12hrs) 58% and 63% of the departments applied antibiotic prophylaxis, respectively. The most frequent first choice drug was cefuroxim, employed by 27 departments (56%). Concerning timing, 21 departments (44%) applied antibiotics after cord clamping and 13 departments (27%) before incision.

Conclusion. We propose a nation-wide prospective investigation on the rate of infections associated with cesarean section to set up rational guidelines for antibiotic prophylaxis.