Diagnosis of post-partum ovarian vein thrombophlebitis by color Doppler ultrasonography: about 10 cases


Service de Gynécologie-Obstétrique, Hôtel-Dieu, 35033, Rennes Cédex, France


Background. Post-partum ovarian vein thrombosis is often overlooked or mistaken for other complications such as endometritis. Color Doppler ultrasonography is a very good diagnostic method when properly indicated and correctly interpreted according to clinical data.

Methods. This study reports ten cases that were retrospectively studied, during which color Doppler ultrasonography was used. The clinical signs and the results are reviewed.

Results. The lesions were clearly visualized in eight of the ten cases; one of the two failures resulted from a methodological fault (uninterpretable result); the other one was due to the lack of experience of the operator and nonrecognition of the clinical signs. Thrombosis appears as a hypoechogenic and tubular image. This type of examination is particularly indicated in the presence of certain clinical signs that were observed in our cases: fever and iliac pain are the main precursor signs, often associated with abdominal meteorism and slow digestive transit; provoked cul-de-sac pain during vaginal probing was the only constant sign, sometimes associated with painful swelling.