Book reviewed in this article:

Bilingualism and Language Disability: assessment and remediationEdited by Niklas Miller.

Language DevelopmentEdited by Andrew Lock and Eunice Fisher.

Language Facilitation: a complete cognitive therapy programBy Jacqueline M. Cimorell Strong.

Speech of the Hearing ImpairedEdited by Irving Hochberg, Harry Levitt and Mary Joe Osberger.

Language and DeafnessBy Stephen P. Quigley and Peter V. Paul.

Paediatric Audiology: current trendsEdited by James Jerger.

Basic Anatomy and Physiology in Speech and HearingBy Carl. R. Schneiderman.

An Atlas of Speech and Hearing AnatomyBy J. C. Kahane and J. F. Folkins.

Aphasia TherapyEdited by Chris Code and D. J. Müller.

Teaching Reading to Mentally Handicapped ChildrenBy J. Thatcher.