Questionable methods of cancer management: Hydrogen peroxide and other‘hyperoxygenation’ therapies


“Hyperoxygenation” therapy-also called “oxymedicine,” “bio-oxidativetherapy,” “oxidative therapy,” and “oxidology”-is a method of cancermanagement based on the erroneous concept that cancer is caused by oxygendeficiency and can be cured by exposing cancer cells to more oxygen thanthey can tolerate. The most highly touted “hyperoxygenating” agents arehydrogen peroxide, germanium sesquioxide, and ozone. Although thesecompounds have been the subject of legitimate research, there is little orno evidence that they are effective for the treatment of any seriousdisease, and each has demonstrated potential for harm. Therefore, theAmerican Cancer Society recommends that individuals with cancer not seektreatment from individuals promoting any form of hyperoxygenation therapyas an “alternative” to proven medical modalities.