Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union

A 500,000-year-long sediment archive drilled in eastern Anatolia



Sedimentary archives host a wealth of information that can be used to reconstruct paleoclimate as well as the tectonic and volcanic histories of specific regions. Long and continuous archives from the oceans have been collected in thousands of locations by scientific ocean drilling programs over the past 40 years. In contrast, suitable continental archives are rare because terrestrial environments are generally nondepositional and/or subject to erosion. Lake sediments provide ideal drilling targets to overcome this limitation if suitable lakes at key locations have existed continuously for a long time.


Financial support has been provided by ICDP, the German Research Foundation, the Swiss National Science Foundation, and Turkey's Tübitak. We thank DOSECC for operating the deep drilling, the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program core repository in Bremen (MARUM) for logistical support, and the entire Paleovan scientific team (see http://www.paleovan.info/index.php?a=steam).