Chapter 10.2 Cryocrystallography techniques and devices

Crystallography of biological macromolecules

Second Online Edition (2012)

Part 10. Cryocrystallography

  1. D. W. Rodgers

Published Online: 14 APR 2012

DOI: 10.1107/97809553602060000828

International Tables for Crystallography

International Tables for Crystallography

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  1. Department of Biochemistry, Chandler Medical Center, University of Kentucky, 800 Rose Street, Lexington, KY 40536–0298, USA

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  1. Published Online: 14 APR 2012



In this chapter, practical aspects of cryocrystallography are discussed, with an emphasis on techniques and devices for crystal preparation and handling. Topics covered include crystal mounting, flash cooling and storage of crystals at low temperature.


  • cryocrystallography;
  • crystal mounting;
  • flash cooling;
  • storage of crystals at low temperature