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Oncology Virtual Issue Part II: Equine Oncology Resource


Free ReviewEquine lymphoma
J. Taintor, S. Schleis

Diagnosis and treatment of a primary splenic lymphoma in a mule
M. S. Madron, S. S. Caston, E. L. Reinertson, A. K. Tracey, J. M. Hostetter

T cell rich, B cell lymphoma in the small colon of a yearling horse
K. M. Smith, C. K. Clark, M. J. Dark, M. Kiupel, J. Gary

B cell lymphoma and secondary leukaemia in a mule
T. E. Norman, A. Rodrigues, K. E. Russell, K. Burke, D. K. Ajithdoss, M. Coleman, M. Martin

Equine leukaemia
J. Taintor

Disseminated large granular lymphoma in a horse
M. K. Sheats, A. J. N. J. van Wetter, L. A. Snyder, S. L. Jones

Equine lymphoma: What are the prospects for cellular differentiation, early diagnosis and intervention strategies?
M. C. Roberts

Classification of equine lymphoma
T. J. Scase


Free ReviewMelanoma in horses: Current perspectives
J. S. Moore, C. Shaw, E. Shaw, V. Buechner-Maxwell, W. K. Scarratt, M. Crisman, M. Furr, J. Robertson

The clinical presentation of a mid-tail melanocytoma with sudden malignant transformation in a bay Irish Draught gelding
L. A. Poore, J. R. Rest, D. C. Knottenbelt

Primary malignant melanoma in the oesophagus of a foal
S. S. Caston, A. Fales-Williams

Congenital tumours in horses
Y. Elce


Free ReviewPenile and preputial squamous cell carcinoma in the horse and proposal of a classification system
J. G. B. Van den Top, J. M. Ensink, A. Barneveld, P. R. van Weeren

Free ReviewA review of equine mucocutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
S. Taylor, G. Haldorson

Vulvar squamous cell carcinoma in situ within viral papillomas in an aged Quarter Horse mare
M. A. Smith, D. G. Levine, L. M. Getman, E. J. Parente, J. B. Engiles

The aetiopathogenesis of squamous cell carcinomas in horses. Where are we?
Y. A. Elce

Metastasis or delayed local extension of ocular squamous cell carcinoma in four horses
Y. A. Elce, D. A. Wilkie, E. M. Santschi, E. Green

Challenges in the treatment of equine periocular squamous cell carcinoma
B. C. Gilger

Oesophageal obstruction in an aged pony associated with squamous cell carcinoma
T. M. Booth, W. J. Marmion, A. M. Cullimore, J. W. Finnie

Recurrent oesophageal obstruction caused by gastro-oesophageal squamous carcinoma: A diagnostic challenge for the clinician?
T. J. Brazil


Free ReviewA review of equine sarcoid
S. Taylor, G. Haldorson


Free ReviewParaneoplastic manifestations of cancer in horses
S. Axiak, P. J. Johnson


Treatment of an osteoblastic osteosarcoma in an aged gelding
T. Springer, Y. A. Elce, E. Green

Dealing with neoplasia in elderly horses
J. Robertson

Osteosarcoma of the proximal radius in a donkey
I. Kilcoyne, M. Wilson, E. Terzo, F. David

Osteosarcoma in Equidae
F. Jenner

Osteosarcoma of the middle phalanx in a horse
E. Cillan-Garcia, L. J. Kearns, U. Hetzel, L. J. Harrison

Treatment of appendicular osteosarcoma in a horse
S. D. Gutierrez-Nibeyro, K. E. Sullins, B. E. Powers

The Literature
J. Robertson

Fibro-osseous tumour of the fourth metacarpal bone in a horse: Clinical, radiographic and long-term post operative findings
K. Pieber, A. Kuebber-Heiss, P. Kuebber, J. Kofler

Fibro-osseous tumours in the horse: a reminder of the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis
L. C. Voûte

Fibro-osseous tumour of the second metacarpal bone in a Thoroughbred filly
M. S. Madron, S. R. McClure, M. Yaeger

Bone tumour classification: still a work in progress
A. Brower

Primary haemangiosarcoma in the proximal humerus of a Clydesdale gelding
H. J. Cottle, K. J. Hughes, A. W. Philbey, P. J. Pollock

Severe lameness caused by metastatic renal adenocarcinoma of the third phalanx in a Warmblood mare
M. Oosterlinck, E. Raes, S. Verbraecken, G. van Loon, S. Maes, I. Gielen, L. Lefère, J. H. Saunders

Diagnosis and surgical treatment of epidural neoplasms in two ataxic horses
J. E. Hirsch, B. D. Grant, Dr R. Linovitz, Dr T. A. Peppers, Dr N. W. Rantanen

Spinal neoplasms: Ante mortem diagnostics and therapeutic options
Y. S. Nout


Pancreatic adenocarcinoma in a donkey. Use of laparoscopy to aid the diagnosis
J. A. Spanton, T. S. Mair, C. Krudewig

Successful laparoscopic surgery for a uterine leiomyoma in a mare
T. Muurlink, J. Walmsley, C. Whitton

Laparoscopic uterine tumour removal… are we there yet?
E. M. Santschi

Renal carcinoma as a cause of sudden death in an aged horse
E. J. Knowles, J. M. Withers, M. J. Day, T. S. Mair

Diagnostic considerations for acute death in horses: How common is acute death associated with renal cell carcinoma and other neoplasms in horses?
E. Davis

An abdominal teratoma in a yearling Irish Cob with a strangulating obstruction of the small intestine
L. Arensburg, S. Olivier, B. Boussauw, H. De Cock

Equine colic caused by neoplasia
E. M. Santschi

Resection cystoplasty of a squamous cell carcinoma in a mare
A. Serena, C. Naranjo, C. Koch, B. J. Darien

Tumours of the equine bladder: What makes treatment of these cases so difficult?
E. Barrell, D. A. Hendrickson


Two horses with thoracic lymphoma diagnosed using thoracoscopic biopsy
W. L. Lee, B. S. Tennent-Brown, M. H. Barton, F. S. Almy, E. W. Uhl, E. W. Howerth, J. L. Reis, W. L. Linnenkohl, J. F. Peroni

Free ReviewDiagnostic challenges: equine thoracic neoplasia
E. G. Davis, B. R. Rush


Paranasal sinus fibromatosis in a horse
B. J. Ahern, J. Engiles, J. J. Smith, E. J. Parente

Paranasal sinus neoplasia: what are our options?
J. F. Hawkins

Computed tomography in the diagnosis of malignant sinonasal tumours in three horses
S. Veraa, R. Dijkman, W. R. Klein, A. J. M. van den Belt

Computed tomography in the evaluation of the equine head
J. Kinns, A. Pease

Squamous cell carcinoma of the paranasal sinuses in two horses
L. Kowalczyk, A. Boehler, R. Brunthaler, M. Rathmanner, A. B. M. Rijkenhuizen

Early diagnosis may hold the key to the successful treatment of nasal and paranasal sinus neoplasia in the horse
T. H. Witte, J. D. Perkins

Collision tumour affecting the paranasal sinuses of a geriatric donkey
S. Witte, P. O. E. Mueller, C. Kosarek, J. L. Webb, E. W. Howerth

Geriatric sinus tumours - is there hope for the future?
Y. A. Elce


Magnetic resonance imaging features of a benign peripheral nerve sheath tumour with 'ancient' changes in the tongue of a horse
A. Schneider, C. Tessier, D. Gorgas, P. Kircher, J. Mamani, J. Miclard

Diagnosis of soft tissue lesions involving the equine head
H. Dobson

A retrobulbar meningioma as a cause of unilateral exophthalmos and blindness in a horse
R. J. Naylor, B. Dunkel, S. Dyson, M. P. Paz-Penuelas, J. Dobson

Optic nerve meningioma resulting in blindness
I. G. J. Mayhew

Mandibular squamous cell carcinoma in a young horse
S. Monteiro, K. Lemberger, M. Gangl

Surgical treatment of a rostral mandibular complex odontoma in a 3-year-old horse
C. Snyder, R. R. Dubielzig, W. Gengler, M. A. Livesey

Odontogenic tumours in the horse and man - difficulties with classification and the need for collaborative research
S. Z. Barakzai

Odontogenic tumours in the horse
E. S. Hackett, G. M. Baxter

Ocular angiosarcoma in a pony - MRI and histopathological appearance
A. S. Bischofberger, M. Konar, H. Posthaus, M. Pekarkova, M. Grzybowski, Dr W. Brehm

Interstitial brachytherapy in the management of haemangiosarcoma of the rostrum of the horse: Case report and review of the literature
B. S. Burks, J. M. Leonard, J. A. Orsini, M. Trombetta

Laryngeal neuroendocrine tumour in a horse
J. Koenig, A. Silveira, H. Chalmers, G. Buenviaje, B. N. Lillie


Granulosa cell tumour: An interesting case in a pregnant mare
J. R. Crabtree, M. J. Brennan, A. K. Foote, J. F. Pycock

Tumour, or not tumour, that is the question
P. M. McCue

Ultrasonographic appearance and abdominal haemorrhage associated with a juvenile granulosa cell tumour in a foal
J. Harper, A. J. Stewart, L. Kuhnt, R. W. Waguespack, M. Holland, C. Downs

Granulosa theca cell tumours
A. O. McKinnon, K. J. Barker

Granulosa thecal cell tumour in a mare causing hypertrophic osteopathy
M. Packer, S. McKane


Simultaneous presence of a seminoma and a leiomyoma in the testes of a horse
P. Weiermayer, B. Richter

Equine testicular tumours
B. A. Valentine

Mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis testes in a stallion
A. K. Johnson, C. C. Love, A. L. Casillo, R. R. Pool


Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the mammary gland in a horse
H. L. Reesink, E. J. Parente, P. L. Sertich, J. B. Engiles

Mare mammary neoplasia: Difficulties in diagnosis and treatment
A. M. Shank

Malignant fibrous histiocytoma: A controversial neoplasm
F. Del Piero

Clinical, histological and immunophenotypic findings in a mare with a mammary lymphoma associated with anaemia and pruritus
L. C. N. Mendes, M. A. de Araujo, F. Bovino, D. B. Rozza, G. F. Machado, F. A. Cadioli, F. F. L. Feitosa, J. R. Peiró


The use of nuclear imaging for a mixed C cell microfollicular carcinoma of the thyroid gland in a mature horse
M. N. Saulez, A. Viljoen, U. Kafka, L. Rubio-Martinez, E. van Wilpe, J. Steyl

The diagnosis, characterisation and treatment of a mixed C cell microfollicular carcinoma in a horse
R. L. Tucker, J. Fidel

Epithelioid variant of haemangiosarcoma in a gelding
D. R. Dawson, P. V. Scrivani, D. M. W. Schaefer, L. B. Bogdanovic, D. M. Ainsworth

Mimicry in neoplasia: When tumours don't play fair
B. A. Summers

An undifferentiated sarcoma in the cervical region in a horse
D. De Zani, D. D. Zani, S. Borgonovo, M. Di Giancamillo, M. Rondena, F. Verschooten