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Edited By: Celia M. Marr

Impact Factor: 2.475

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2015: 8/138 (Veterinary Sciences)

Online ISSN: 2042-3306

Associated Title(s): Equine Veterinary Education

Editorial Board


Celia M. Marr

Emeritus Editor

Peter D. Rossdale

Deputy Editor

T.A.E. Stout (The Netherlands)

North American and Reviews Editor

D. Sellon (USA)

Statistical Editor

R. Christley (UK)

Latin American Editor

P.R. Murcia (UK)

Associate Editors

P.D. Clegg (UK)
R.H. Mealey (USA)
A.P. Pease (USA)
L. Southwood (USA)
P. R. van Weeren (The Netherlands)

Editors' Background and Competing Interests

Editorial Assistant

Sue Wright

Editorial Secretary

Jane Woodley

Editorial Office

Equine Veterinary Journal Ltd
Mulberry House
31 Market Street
Fordham, Ely

Editorial Consultant Board

D. Archer (General surgery, UK)
E. Bailey (Genomics, USA)
U. Balasuriya (Virology, USA)
B.A. Ball (Reproduction, USA)
S.Z. Barakzai (Respiratory tract surgery, UK)
J. Belknap (Laminitis, USA)
A.T. Blikslager (Senior Adviser, USA)
M. Bowen (Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, UK)
J. Daly (Virology, UK)
B. Dunkel (Critical Care and neonatology, UK)
S.J. Dyson (Clinical orthopaedics, UK)
H. Ferguson (Clinical practice, UK)
L. Fortier (Regenerative medicine, USA)
D. Freeman (Colic surgery, USA)
M. Gerard (Dentistry, applied anatomy, USA)
J.R. Gilkerson (Bacteriology, Australia)
L. Goehring (General medicine and contagious disease, Germany)
N. Hudson (General medicine and neurology, UK)
M. Lassaline (Ophthalmology, USA)
G. Lester (Gastrointestinal physiology and pharmacology, Australia)
J. Matthews (Parasitology, UK)
S. McDonnell (Behaviour and well-being, USA)
C. McGowan (Geriatrics, behaviour and equine well-being, UK)
C.W. McIlwraith (Senior Advisor, USA)
E. McKenzie (Exercise physiology, USA)
R.E. Morgan (Clinical practice, UK)
W.W. Muir (Senior Adviser, USA)
G. Pinchbeck (General epidemiology, UK)
R.S. Pirie (Respiratory and cardiovascular medicine, UK)
C.M. Riggs (Racehorse injury and disease, Hong Kong)
M. Senior (Anaesthesia, UK)
S. Su (Virology, China)
T. Trumble (Clinical orthopaedics, USA)
M. Venner (Pulmonary and cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology, Germany)
B. Wagner (Immunology, USA)
R. Weller (Diagnostic imaging, UK)
N.A. White (Senior advisor, USA)
C. Yao (Clinical practice, China)

Editorial Consultant Board members’ backgrounds and competing interests

Study Design and Data Analysis Board

H. Aceto (USA)
C. N. Belcher (USA)
E. Bermingham (USA)
L. A. Boden (UK)
C. Bolwell (New Zealand)
J. Burford (UK)
B. Burgess (USA)
J. Cardwell (UK)
N. Cogger (New Zealand)
P. Compston (UK)
J. del Castillo (Canada)
I. den Uijl (The Netherlands)
N. Dhand (Australia)
J. Drewe (UK)
A. Egenvall (Sweden)
C. Finno (USA)
S. Firestone (Australia)
G. T. Fosgate (South Africa)
I. Handel (UK)
M. A. Holmes (UK)
J. Hotchkiss (UK)
J. Ireland (UK)
C.P. Jewell (UK)
P. Kass (USA)
B. Martinez-Lopez (USA)
K. Morgan (UK)
M. Nielen (The Netherlands)
A. O’Connor (USA)
T. D. H. Parkin (UK)
N. Perkins (Australia)
D. Pfeiffer (UK)
C. J. Proudman (UK)
S. Radecki (USA)
R. Reardon (UK)
S. Rosanowski (New Zealand)
C. Scantlebury (UK)
D. Shaw (UK)
K. Stevens (UK)
M. Upjohn (UK)
J. Van den Broek (The Netherlands)
K. Verheyen (UK)
C. Wang (USA)
C. Welsh (UK)
J. L. N. Wood (UK)
C. Wylie (UK)

SDDA Board Members’ backgrounds and competing interests