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April 22, 2016

Very Important Paper: A Three-Enzyme Pathway with an Optimised Geometric Arrangement to Facilitate Substrate Transfer

Minghui Liu, Jinglin Fu, Xiaodong Qi, Shaun Wootten, Neal W. Woodbury, Yan Liu, Hao Yan*

Efficient coupling of substrates between enzymes is critical for metabolic functions. Now, H. Yan (Arizona State University) and co-workers used DNA nanostructures to organize a three-enzyme pathway for investigating how the pathway activity depended on the spatial arrangements of the enzymes. Unlike previous studies, the overall pathway activity relied less on the interenzyme distance, but was affected more by the geometric arrangement of the enzymes in a relatively small range of 10-30 nm. The pathway intermediates were also quickly depleted through efficient reaction coupling. These studies will provide new insights into the design of artificial multi-enzyme systems for biocatalysis and therapeutics.

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Recently Published Articles

  1. Phosphoramidate Ligation of Oligonucleotides in Nanoscale Structures

    Matthäus Kalinowski, Rüdiger Haug, Dr. Hassan Said, Dr. Sylwia Piasecka, Markus Kramer and Prof. Clemens Richert

    Version of Record online: 25 MAY 2016 | DOI: 10.1002/cbic.201600061

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    Making a connection after nanostructuring. Hybridization positions oligonucleotides into close proximity, and phosphoramidate ligation then links them in the desired order.

  2. Crystal Structure of the HMG-CoA Synthase MvaS from the Gram-Negative Bacterium Myxococcus xanthus

    Tobias Bock, Janin Kasten, Prof. Dr. Rolf Müller and Prof. Dr. Wulf Blankenfeldt

    Version of Record online: 25 MAY 2016 | DOI: 10.1002/cbic.201600070

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    Myxing it up: We structurally characterized MvaS, an HMG-CoA synthase involved not only in isoprenoid production but also in alternative isovaleryl CoA biosynthesis. These results extend existing knowledge of HMG-CoA synthases from different phyla and might be useful for the biotechnological production of biofuels and chemicals.

  3. Assessing the Delivery of Molecules to the Mitochondrial Matrix Using Click Chemistry

    Dr. Kurt Hoogewijs, Dr. Andrew M. James, Prof. Dr. Robin A. J. Smith, Dr. Michael J. Gait, Prof. Dr. Michael P. Murphy and Prof. Dr. Robert N. Lightowlers

    Version of Record online: 25 MAY 2016 | DOI: 10.1002/cbic.201600188

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    Research into the delivery of large polar molecules and their detection in the mitochondrial matrix is held back by the lack of a robust and quantitative measure of import. Here, we demonstrate a mitochondrial matrix-specific click reaction, forming a diagnostic product that can be quantified by mass spectrometry.

  4. Regio- and Enantioselective Sequential Dehalogenation of rac-1,3-Dibromobutane by Haloalkane Dehalogenase LinB

    Johannes Gross, Zbyněk Prokop, Dick Janssen, Kurt Faber and Mélanie Hall

    Accepted manuscript online: 25 MAY 2016 02:28PM EST | DOI: 10.1002/cbic.201600227

  5. Hydrophilic trans-Cyclooctenylated Non-Canonical Amino Acids for Fast Intracellular Protein Labeling

    Eszter Kozma, Ivana Nikic, Balázs R Varga, Iker V Aramburu, Jun Hee Kang, Oliver T Fackler, Edward A Lemke and Péter Kele

    Accepted manuscript online: 25 MAY 2016 01:21PM EST | DOI: 10.1002/cbic.201600284