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Edited By: Andrew Moore

Online ISSN: 1521-1878

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Volume 37, Issue 6, June 2015

Nonsense-mediated RNA decay: More than 'simple' quality control. Highlighted article: Nonsense-mediated RNA decay - a switch and dial for regulating gene expression (pages 612-623)

gene regulation, noncoding RNA, nonsense-mediated RNA decay, quality control, translation termination

Brown, black, iridescent? Inferring colour from fossil remains. Highlighted article: A guide to the field of paleo-colour (pages 643-656)

camouflage, dinosaur, display, melanin, melanosome, pigment

Tug of war: How sister kinetochores avoid being pulled in opposite directions. Highlighted article: A meiotic mystery: How sister kinetochores avoid being pulled in opposite directions during the first division (pages 657-665)

cohesion, co-orientation, kinetochore, meiosis, monopolin