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Edited By: Andrew Moore

Online ISSN: 1521-1878

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Volume 37, Issue 5, May 2015

How neurons can be generated from bone marrow cells. Highlighted article: Adult neural stem cells: Long-term self-renewal, replenishment by the immune system, or both? (pages 495-501)

adult neurogenesis, blood, blood brain barrier, bone marrow, hemocyte, mesenchymal stem cell

Quickly divide and still express. Highlighted article: How gene expression in fast-proliferating cells keeps pace (pages 514-524)

drosophila, intronless genes, MBT, MZT, NTC/Prp19, splicing, transcription

Walk the line: How dynein moves along microtubules. Highlighted article: Dynein motors: How AAA+ ring opening and closing coordinates microtubule binding and linker movement (pages 532-543)

AAA+, crystal structure, dynein, linker, Lis1

One, two, three, ...: Counting chromosomes in a cell. Highlighted article: How to count chromosomes in a cell: An overview of current and novel technologies (pages 570-577)

aneuploidy, chromosomal instability, karyotyping, next generation sequencing