Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

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Edited By: Professor S. N. Lane

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21st Century climate change: where has all the geomorphology gone? - Themed Topic, November 2012

Introductory background

21st Century climate change: where has all the geomorphology gone?
Stuart N. Lane

Climate change and sediment flux from the Roof of the World
X.X. Lu, Shurong Zhang, Jianchu Xu

Holocene flood histories in south-western USA
Harden, T., Macklin, M.G. and Baker, V.R

Enlightenment and the GM floodplain
Lewin, J

Reconstructing paleoenvironments and palaeoclimates in drylands: what can landform analysis contribute?
Thomas, D.S.G.

The geomorphic signature of high frequency climatic variability

Dendrogeomorphic reconstruction of past debris-flow activity using injured broad-leaved trees.
Arbellay, E., Stoffel, M. and Bollschweiler, M

Geomorphic coupling between hillslopes and channels in the Swiss Alps
Savi, S., Schneuwly-Bollschweiler, M., Bommer-Denns, B., Stoffel, M. and Schlunegger, F.,

Impact of the magnitude and frequency of debris-flow events on the evolution of an alpine alluvial fan during the last two centuries: responses to natural and anthropogenic controls
Colombera, L. and Bersezio, R

Climatic influence on the inter-annual variability of late-Holocene minerogenic sediment supply in a boreal forest catchment.
Petterson, G., Renberg, I., Sjostedt-de Luna, S., Arnqvist, P. and Anderson, N.J

Post-glacial range of variability in the Conejos River Valley, southern Colorado, USA: fluvial response to climate change and sediment supply.
Layzell, A.L., Eppes, M.C., Johnson, B.G. and Diemer, J.A

Without power? Landslide inventories in the face of climate change
Oliver Korup, Tolga Görüm,, Yuichi Hayakawa

Effect of ENSO events on sediment production in a large coastal basin in northern Peru
Tote, C., Govers, G., Van Kerckhoven, S., Filiberto, I., Verstraeten, G. and Eerens, H.,

Response of a mid-latitude cirque glacier to climate over the last two decades: Mangaehuehu Glacier, Mt Ruapehu
Martin S. Brook, Josh F. Dean, Harry J. R. Keys

Rate of floodplain reworking in response to increasing storm-induced floods, Squamish River, south-western British Columbia, Canada
Gregory D. Bauch, Edward J. Hickin

A multi-century record of linked nearshore and coastal change
T. Thomas, M. R. Phillips, A. T. Williams, R. E. Jenkins

Climate-driven decrease in erosion in extant Mediterranean badlands
Michèle L. Clarke, Helen M. Rendell

Response of surface processes to climatic change in the dunefields and Loess Plateau of North China during the late Quaternary
Huayu Lu, Joseph A. Mason, Thomas Stevens, Yali Zhou, Shuangwen Yi, Xiaodong Miao

From climate change impacts to futures and feedbacks

Is climate change responsible for changing landslide activity in high mountains?
Christian Huggel, John J. Clague, Oliver Korup

Rock damage and regolith transport by frost: An example of climate modulation of the geomorphology of the critical zone
Anderson, R.S., Anderson, S.P. and Tucker, G.E.

Evaluation of meteorological controls of reconstructed rockfall activity in the Czech Flysch Carpathians
Silhan, K., Brazdil, R. Panek, T., Dobrovolny, P., Kasickova, L., Tolasz, R., Tursky, O. and Vaclavek, M.

Effects of Holocene climate and sea-level changes on coastal gully evolution: insights from numerical modelling
Leyland, J. and Darby, S.E.

Numerical modelling of climate change impacts on Saint-Lawrence River tributaries
Verhaar, P.M., Biron, P.M., Ferguson, R.I. and Hoey, T.B.

Contemporary glacigenic inputs to the dust cycle
Bullard, J.E.

Geomorphic processes, carbon flux and climate change mitigation

Agricultural soil erosion and global carbon cycle: controversy over?
Kuhn, N.J., Hoffmann, T., Schwanghart, W. and Dotterweich, M.

Effects of soil compaction, rain exposure and their interaction on soil carbon dioxide emission
Novara, A., Armstrong, A., Gristina, L., Semple, K.T. and Quinton, J.N.

Towards constraining the magnitude of global agricultural sediment and soil organic carbon fluxes
Sebastian Doetterl, Kristof Van Oost, Johan Six

Soil erosion in New Zealand is a net sink of CO2
John R. Dymond

Accelerated sediment fluxes by water and tillage erosion on European agricultural land
Van Oost, K., Cerdan, O. and Quine, T.A.

Mind, the gap in landscape-evolution modelling
Wainwright, J. and Millington, J.D.A.

Carbon fluxes from eroding peatlands – the carbon benefit of revegetation following wildfire
F. Worrall, J. G. Rowson, M. G. Evans, R. Pawson, S. Daniels, A. Bonn

Fluvial carbon flux from headwater peatland streams: significance of particulate carbon flux
Pawson, R.R., Evans, M.G. and Allott, T.E.H.A.

Carbon dioxide fluxes and DOC concentrations of eroding blanket peat gullies
Clay, G.D., Dixon, S., Evans, M.G., Rowson, J.G. and Worrall, F

Landslide impact on organic carbon cycling in a temperate montane forest
Robert G. Hilton, Patrick Meunier, Niels Hovius, Peter J. Bellingham, Albert Galy