Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

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Most Accessed Articles from 2014-Jul to 2015-Jun of Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

GRADISTAT: a grain size distribution and statistics package for the analysis of unconsolidated sediments
Simon J. Blott, Kenneth Pye
Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 2001, vol. 26, p. 1237

Quantifying submerged fluvial topography using hyperspatial resolution UAS imagery and structure from motion photogrammetry
A. S. Woodget, P. E. Carbonneau, F. Visser, I. P. Maddock
Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 2014, 10.1002/esp.3613

Topographic structure from motion: a new development in photogrammetric measurement
Mark A. Fonstad, James T. Dietrich, Brittany C. Courville, Jennifer L. Jensen, Patrice E. Carbonneau
Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 2013, vol. 38, p. 421

Terrestrial laser scanning of rock slope instabilities
Antonio Abellán, Thierry Oppikofer, Michel Jaboyedoff, Nicholas J. Rosser, Michael Lim, Matthew J. Lato
Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 2014, vol. 39, p. 80

Badass geomorphology
Jonathan D. Phillips
Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 2014, 10.1002/esp.3682

Plants as river system engineers
Angela Gurnell
Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 2014, vol. 39, p. 4

Reconstructing historic Glacial Lake Outburst Floods through numerical modelling and geomorphological assessment: Extreme events in the Himalaya
Matthew J. Westoby, Neil F. Glasser, Michael J. Hambrey, James Brasington, John M. Reynolds, Mohamed A. A. M. Hassan
Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 2014, vol. 39, p. 1675

Size, shape and spatial arrangement of mega-scale glacial lineations from a large and diverse dataset
Matteo Spagnolo, Chris D. Clark, Jeremy C. Ely, Chris R. Stokes, John B. Anderson, Karin Andreassen, Alastair G. C. Graham, Edward C. King
Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 2014, vol. 39, p. 1432

Landslide inventories and their statistical properties
Bruce D. Malamud, Donald L. Turcotte, Fausto Guzzetti, Paola Reichenbach
Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 2004, vol. 29, p. 687

Sediment connectivity: a framework for understanding sediment transfer at multiple scales
Louise J. Bracken, Laura Turnbull, John Wainwright, Patrick Bogaart
Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 2015, vol. 40, p. 177