Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

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Edited By: Professor S. N. Lane

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Coastal Geomorphology - Special Issue, November 2013

Guest Editors: Chris Houser and Jean Ellis

This virtual special issue recognizes the contributions of Dr Robin Davidson-Arnott to coastal and aeolian geomorphology as a scientist and a mentor. Twenty-four invited students and colleagues of Robin presented their research at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers in Seattle, Washington in sessions focused on aeolian transport, coastal dunes, coastal systems, and beach–dune interaction.

ESEX Commentary
A tribute to the influence of Dr Robin Davidson-Arnott in coastal and aeolian geomorphology

Chris Houser, Jean Ellis

Wind direction and complex sediment transport response across a beach–dune system
Bernard O. Bauer, Robin G. D. Davidson-Arnott, Ian J. Walker, Patrick A. Hesp, Jeff Ollerhead

Reynolds stress and sand transport over a foredune
Connie Chapman, Ian J. Walker, Patrick A. Hesp, Bernard O. Bauer, Robin G. D. Davidson-Arnott, Jeff Ollerhead

Monitoring considerations for a dynamic dune restoration project: Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, British Columbia, Canada.
Ian B. Darke, Jordan B. R. Eamer, Hawley E. R. Beaugrand, Ian J. Walker

High-frequency sediment transport responses on a vegetated foredune
R. G. D. Davidson-Arnott, B. O. Bauer, I. J. Walker, P. A. Hesp, J. Ollerhead, C. Chapman

Assessing aeolian beach-surface dynamics using a remote sensing approach
Irene Delgado-Fernandez, Robin Davidson-Arnott, Bernard O. Bauer, Ian J. Walker, Jeff Ollerhead, Hosahng Rhew

Geomorphic and sediment volume responses of a coastal dune complex following invasive vegetation removal
Jordan B. R. Eamer, Ian B. Darke, Ian J. Walker

Small-scale variability in surface moisture on a fine-grained beach: implications for modeling aeolian transport
Brandon L. Edwards, Steven L. Namikas

Erosive water level regime and climatic variability forcing of beach–dune systems on south-western Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Derek K. Heathfield, Ian J. Walker, David E. Atkinson

Aeolian dynamics over a coastal foredune, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Patrick A. Hesp, Ian J. Walker, Connie Chapman, Robin Davidson-Arnott, Bernard O. Bauer

Nearshore circulation over transverse bar and rip morphology with oblique wave forcing
Chris Houser, Ryan Arnott, Steffen Ulzhöfer, Gemma Barrett

Increasing rainfall, decreasing winds, and historical changes in Santa Catarina dunefields, southern Brazil
Graziela Miot da Silva, Patrick A. Hesp

Influence of varying tidal prism on hydrodynamics and sedimentary processes in a hypertidal salt marsh creek
Casey O'Laughlin, Danika van Proosdij

Annual to decadal morphodynamics of the foredune system at Greenwich Dunes, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Jeff Ollerhead, Robin Davidson-Arnott, Ian J. Walker, Sojan Mathew

The influence of topography and approach angles on local deflections of airflow within a coastal blowout
Patrick Pease, Paul Gares

Measurement and modeling of moisture content above an oscillating water table: implications for beach surface moisture dynamics
Phillip P. Schmutz, Steven L. Namikas

Recalibrating aeolian sand transport models
Douglas J. Sherman, Bailiang Li, Jean T. Ellis, Eugene J. Farrell, Luis Parente Maia, Helena Granja

Coastal profile response to sea level rise: a process-based approach
Troels Aagaard and Per Sørensen

Aeolian sediment transport and morphologic change on a managed and an unmanaged foredune
Nancy L. Jackson and Karl F. Nordstrom

Vegetation dynamics on eroding to accreting beach-foredune systems, Florida panhandle
Michael C. A. Bitton and Patrick A. Hesp