Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

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Edited By: Professor S. N. Lane

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Online ISSN: 1096-9837

Marine and River Dune Dynamics - Special Issue, January 2013

Guest Editors: Parsons D, Best J

This Special Issue is dedicated to the memory of Stephen Coleman (1966–2012) who sadly passed away on July 23, 2012. Stephen was an incredible enthusiast for the study of bedforms and made seminal contributions to our knowledge and understanding of flow, sediment transport and bedform dynamics. Stephen presented a keynote address at MARID 3, which has led to this Special Issue

ESEX Commentary
Bedforms: views and new perspectives from the third international workshop on Marine and River Dune Dynamics (MARID3)
Parsons D, Best J

A simple model of bedform migration
Bartholdy J, Ernstsen VB, Flemming BW, Winter C, Bartholoma A.

Fluvial dunes: initiation, characterization, flow structure
Coleman SE, Nikora VI

Experimental study on transient and steady-state dynamics of bedforms in supply limited configuration
Dreano J, Valance A, Lague D, Cassar C.

A continuous model for sand dunes: Review, new developments and application to barchan dunes and barchan dune fields
Duran O, Parteli EJ, Herrmann HJ.

Migration and internal architecture of marine dunes in the eastern English Channel over 14 and 56 year intervals: the influence of tides and decennial storms
Ferret Y, Le Bot S, Tessier B, Garlan T, Lafite R.

How do bedform patterns arise? New views on the role of bedform interactions within a set of boundary conditions
Kocurek G, Ewing RC, Mohrig D

Suspended sediment transport and deposition over a dune: Rio Parana, Argentina
Kostaschuk R, Shugar D, Best J, Parsons D, Lane S, Hardy R, Orfeo O.

The influence of dunes on mixing in a migrating saltwedge: Fraser River estuary, Canada
Kostaschuk R, Best J, Villard P.V.

Large-scale sediment bodies and superimposed bedforms on the continental shelf close to the Strait of Gibraltar: interplay of complex oceanographic conditions and physiographic constraints
Lobo FJ, Maldonado A, Noormets, R      

Bedform response to flow variability
Nelson JM, Logan BL, Kinzel PJ, Shimizu Y, Giri S, Shreve RL, McLean SR.

Modelling the effect of time-dependent river dune evolution on bed roughness and stage
Paarlberg AJ, Dohmen-Janssen CM, Hulscher SJMH, Termes P, Schielen R

Formative conditions and sedimentary structures of sandy 3D antidunes: an application of the gravel step-pool fine-grained sand in an experimental flume
Yokakawa M, Hasegawa K, Kanbayashi S, Endo N.