Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

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Edited By: Professor S. N. Lane

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New Developments in Process Understanding and Modelling in Geomorphology - Virtual Special Issue, December 2010

New Developments in Process Understanding and Modelling in Geomorphology

Guest Editors: Damian Lawler and Michael Fairchild

This special issue demonstrates how geomorphology, as a mature discipline, is critically dependent upon technical innovation as a means of reinvigorating the kinds of questions we ask. Drawing upon state-of-the-art examples from modeling, dating and process measurement, it shows how geomorphology remains a discipline where there is still much that we do not understand and that new techniques are critical to what we do.

New developments in process understanding and modelling in geomorphology: introduction and overview
D. M. Lawler and I. J. Fairchild

High resolution, basin extent observations and implications for understanding river form and process
Mark A. Fonstad, W. Andrew Marcus

A numerical modelling and experimental study of flow width dynamics on alluvial fans
A. P. Nicholas, L. Clarke, T. A. Quine

Experimentation at the interface of fluvial geomorphology, stream ecology and hydraulic engineering and the development of an effective, interdisciplinary river science
Stephen Rice , Jill Lancaster, Paul Kemp

Experimental field assessment of suspended sediment pathways for characterizing hydraulic habitat
Gemma L. Harvey, Nicholas J. Clifford

Mind, the gap in landscape-evolution models
John Wainwright, James D. A. Millington

Critical perspectives on the evaluation and optimization of complex numerical models of estuary hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics
J. R. French

Ecogeomorphic state variables and phase-space construction for quantifying the evolution of vegetated aeolian landscapes
Andreas C. W. Baas, Joanna M. Nield

Holocene flood histories in south-western USA
Tessa Harden, Mark G. Macklin and Victor R. Baker

Glacier reconstruction and mass-balance modelling as a geomorphic and palaeoclimatic tool
Simon J. Carr, Sven Lukas, Stephanie C. Mills

Cosmogenic 21Ne analysis of individual detrital grains: Opportunities and limitations
Alexandru T. Codilean, Paul Bishop, Trevor B. Hoey, Finlay M. Stuart, Derek Fabel